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IBGL is licensed by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to sell all insurance policies. Our scope of insurance cover can be found here but ranges from Professional Indemnity to Marine and Aviation.

IBGL recognises the importance of utilising insurers for client placements that are well managed and financially sound.  While IBGL cannot guarantee the solvency of any insurer, it is IBGL’s objective at all times to utilise insurers that can be expected to fulfil their contractual obligations to our clients. Further, it is extremely important that clients actively participate in the programme design and the actual broking activity, since the selection of underwriters requires special diligence. In this spirit, IBGL’s financial analysts maintain careful review of local insurance companies.

We have the distinction of being the accredited AON representative in Guyana; AON is one of the world’s largest Brokers with offices based worldwide.

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