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Here are some of the more common insurances that we offer our individual clients.
Get in touch with us to discuss these or any other of your insurance requirements.

Fire and flood insurance

In the event of fire or flood damage to your property, this insurance will pay towards the cost of replacements, repairs, or reconstructions.

Motor insurance

If using a motor vehicle on public roads, this insurance is compulsory and provides protection from losses arising from accidents, thefts, and other incidents.

Personal indemnity insurance

Protects those working in the professional advice and servicing sectors from costs arising from negligence claims or damages awarded by courts of law.

Property insurance

Protects owners and renters of buildings against losses arising from damage to, or theft from properties; it can be extended to provide homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance, along with cover for damages arising from floods and earthquakes.

Health insurance

Designed to pay fees and expenses arising as a result of medical care, treatment, consultations, and related services.

Life insurance

Will pay a defined monetary amount in the event of death of an insured life.

Travel insurance

Covers financial and other losses associated with traveling, for example medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage etc.

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