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In addition to day-to-day broking activities, here are some of the valuable additional services that we provide to our clients as standard:


We advise on all procedures which are to be undertaken. We liaise with all parties concerned (surveyors, adjusters, mechanics, etc.), so that the client’s interest is protected as we strive to obtain all that is entitled to them.


Our robust administration capabilities ensure that you will always be notified of forthcoming renewals and other policy-related matters.


We assist in the completion of all claim forms to ensure all information provided does not prejudice the claim. Upon the submission of all documents to the Insurance Companies, we endeavor to have all claims settled within seven (7) working days.

We can also assist in the recovering of uninsured losses by following up with insurance companies to recover policy excesses where practicable.

We may even be able to assist with your claim if you are not an existing client – speak to us for details.


We place great value on keeping our clients well-informed on all policy-related matters and can communicate using clients’ preferred method – in person, telephone, email or any other.

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